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December 23, 2009

My first blog so not surprisingly a degree of trepidation bearing in mind that more than one person may read this, I know there will be one reader as my wife has promised to be my guinea pig. I have often wondered why people blog thinking that perhaps they needed to get a life but who knows I could be wrong and now that I have joined the world of bloggers I will not be able to make that statement again at least not in public.

Two items have dominated the press in the last few days and they are miles apart in both significance and importance, I refer to the Copenhagen Climate Summit and the life of Tiger Woods, being a keen golfer and an ardent admirer of Tiger and his breathtaking talent as a the world’s best golfer I am naturally upset that his away from home activities have become so virulently public. One cannot help but feel the undercurrent of envy and jealousy that drives these sort of stories but nevertheless it is a fact of life that what the public giveth they can also take away. Yes he has been foolish but then many will say that his only mistake is that he got caught but he should know that in this digital world we live in there is no more privacy and it is simply not possible to get away with what philanderers could get away with in the past.

My personal position on this is that Tiger should be left alone to work out his own problems and if Elin is determined to divorce him then she should do so and they can move on, he won’t be the first divorced celebrity and certainly not the last, nothing however can take away his extraordinary gift and with or without sponsors or dogooders judging him he will continue to dominate the sport in a way that no other athlete has dominated any sport before, good Luck Tiger and Merry Christmas I hope 2010 will bring resolution to your problems. Personally I cannot wait to see you back in pursuit of more major trophies.

Now for Copenhagen, I can honestly say that there has never been such a waste of time and energy as this conference turned out to be, I will refrain from commenting on the number of aircraft and limousines that were involved but it is rumoured that the total carbon footprint was that of a small country for a year. Of 192 countries attending no fewer than 42 were not shown on the globe that dominated the reception area, this seemed like a clear message to those tiny countries of their significance in the scheme of things. This turned out to be a bad mistake as the little guys got together and made demands which nearly brought the show to it’s knees, whilst the constant carping about protocols and who should do what and how and who with turned the whole thing into a farce. Can you believe there were no less than three different chairman during the course of the conference and the whole thing ended with an accord which was noted but not adopted. Bravo to all the big players who simply refused to make concessions and finally took their toys home and sulked. Problem was there were too many “leaders” just dying to strut their stuff on the international stage and simply not enough professional negotiators with the experience and diplomacy to turn talk into action, you can be sure that if there is a Copenhagen 2 there will be a major shortage of leaders from the developed countries.

I don’t know how you feel about global warming but I am having serious doubts, I do not mean I doubt the globe is warming for I think the evidence is there for all to see but I think this is not new and whilst we may be contributing to it we are not the major cause of it. The difficulty now is that so many “experts” are now allied to this opinion it would be a massive loss of face all round if it was proved that we are not in crisis but in another period of evolution. That is not to say that we should not expend all our not inconsiderable talent and experience to develop other sustainable sources of energy, but to talk about giving $100 billion to underdeveloped countries for what? Such monies would be far better spent seeking solutions and not propping up suspect regimes. If there is a possibility that a small island nation might be threatened with extinction then do something about it sooner rather than later, as most of these islands are in the Pacific could their populations not be absorbed by Australia and/or New Zealand both of which countries have substantial numbers of Pacific islanders living there already, why not just formalise the situation and maybe some of that ridiculous amount of cash they talk about could be used to relocate and acclimatise people to their new environment. This would relieve pressure on the receiving country whilst making sure that newcomers got a head start and did not become burdens.

As for the big guys they need to get their act together to develop new technologies to address the future energy needs of mankind.

I am still new at this so I’ll learn as I go along any comments are welcome as are tips on how to get about this new world of blogging.


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December 23, 2009

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